Friday, May 05, 2006

"ILLEGAL is not a sick bird, it means you shouldn't do it!"

All other problems in the country having been solved, our fearless leaders in the U.S. Senate now are finally getting around to tackling the twin scourges of flag desecration and recitation and singing of the Pledge of Allegiance and national anthem in languages other than English. It about fucking time someone stood up and did something!

Recently, Reason editor Nick Gillepsie debated (on The O'Reilly Factor) Sen. Lamar Alexander on his resolution regarding the Pledge and anthem. A transcript can be found here. I think Gillepsie effectively eviserates Alexander:

I want to congratulate the senator because who knew that war in Iraq was over? Who knew that the out of control spending the Republicans have brought to Washington 11 years of budget control and that the saber-rattling by North Korea and Iran and other countries, it's over. And we can spend time on a completely inane and asinine issue. To be talking about passing resolutions in a way even, especially if they're nonbinding about what language people should be able to sing the national anthem or say the pledge after allegiance is ludicrous beyond belief. One of the great things about America is our First Amendment which guarantees political expression. Certainly the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem are political speech. And now you're trying to say that only way can you be truly American is to say it in English, which the last time I checked was the language of our colonial overlord from a couple hundred years ago.

However, many of Bill O'Reilly's viewer didn't share my assessment, and said so I many, many emails to Gillepsie. To say that the response was overwhelmingly negative is an understatement. Some of my favorite responses:

Go back to Italy you *&^%&&^% WOP

The changing of the words to be sung in Spanish by these invaders are making fun of the American Citizen only you are to stupid to see it.

I live in Redding, CT. and probably am smarter and wealthier than you. If you ever try to peddle that self hating american crap here in front of me, I will confront you. I will also add that I am better looking as well. I say this last thing because I know that it bothers you. Nice wussy leather jacket too!

Your day of reckoning with “TRUE” Americans is coming soon. You will have to answer for the years of stupidity and bias that you have thrown into the fan of life!! You certainly have smelled up my America with your crap!!! And to think you have the audacity to have a doctorate in English!! Holy Crap, what a rip-off of the American University system…one that has been corrupted and poisoned by the likes of morons like you!!!

Jesus Will Rule With a Rod of Iron Like it OR Not

If you guys were in charge of WWll the Nazi's would rule the world today, "Hands Up," no contest !!!!

By the way the black leather "Fonz" look is now the rage in the Castro District of San Fransisco !

What don't you dipshits get about ILLEGAL. ILLEGAL is not a sick bird, it means you shouldn't do it!

I believe that you are a fucking idiot who does not care for the country or anything other than the benefits you will receive from the illegals entering the country. Shame on you, and, I sincerely hope that you go to hell.

Take your ILLEGAL Mexicans and your whining and bitching and get the hell out of MY America. Wait and see. Americans have had enough and when we are all finally pushed far enough - we will in force and WITH force; THROW the Mexicans (and people like you) out of this country, back over the river, and where ever else your kind crawled in from.



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