Monday, April 11, 2005

Perfect day at Fenway

No way was I going to miss the Sox home opener, so I plunked down $15 for a month of MLB.TV which allows for online viewing of the games. Sunday in Boston was gorgeous and from my computer here in Berkeley looked just as good today. The opening ceremony that included the presentation of the World Series rings and the hoisting of the banner was particularly sweet. Some random thoughts and favorite moments:

- Nice to see Dave Roberts and Derek Lowe make the trip.
- It would have been nice to see Pedro.
- No Theo?
- When Johnny Pesky came out last, got his ring, and hugged each of the previous recipients who were lined up, it was getting a "little dusty" in the office.
- The less said about the song by the "Boston Balladeer" the better.
- Nice to see Sox of old around the center field banner and Pesky and Yaz hoist it.
- Classy shot of Yankees in the dugout applauding and Torre tipping his cap to Francona.
- Not sure if it's the usual order, but when the Yankees were introduced, the batboy came out first and was booed lustily. Sweet.
- Torre received well-deserved applause.
- Rivera receieved well-deserved sarcastic applause and being a good sport, laughed and tipped his cap
- During the moment of silence for Dick Radatz, some jackass yelled "A-Rod, you suck". Nice.
- The purely instrumental National Anthem is almost always prefered to the vocal.
- To top it off, the Sox crushed the Yankees.
- Wish I could have been there...


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