Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's a small world after all...

The NY Times today relates the tale of Maher Arar, a 35-year-old Canadian engineer who claims he was seized by American officials and carted off to Syria where "he was held for 10 months in a dank, tiny cell and brutally beaten with a metal cable", apparently as part of the US's "extraordinary rendition" policy. Arar is attempting to corroborate his story as part of his lawsuit against the US, and apparently the plane used to transport him has been identified and the flight records would seem to follow along with his account. Found in the article is an intersection between the "sacred and the profane":

If the plane was used to move Mr. Arar, it is the fourth known to have been used to transport suspected terrorists secretly from one country to detention in another.

Among the three identified in previous news reports is one owned by a company apparently set up by the Central Intelligence Agency, according to The Washington Post. Another, first described by The Chicago Tribune, is an ordinary charter jet that was also used by the Boston Red Sox manager between missions ferrying detainees and their guards to Guantánamo, with the Red Sox logo attached to the fuselage or removed, depending on who was aboard.



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