Friday, January 28, 2005

La caja fuerte del El Guapo, mundo respira el suspiro de la relevación

It would seem that Rich "El Guapo" Garces, thought to be kidnapped, was actually just at the beach, according to ESPN Deportes. The Babel Fish translation of the story is especially hilarious:

It was 10 of disappear The ex- thrower of Great Leagues, Rich Garcés, appeared safe and sound in the Guaira, Venezuela (Services of -- the ex- relevista of the Red Averages, Richard Garcés, appeared safe and sound in the Guaira, after ten days of disappear, according to the Dazzling Venezuelan newspaper. Garcés, which according to the Boston Herald it had expressed a preoccupation to be kidnapping in Venezuela when it was in Great Leagues, was sending in Venezuelan Liga with the Navigators of Magallanes, and the last time that their relatives had known of him was after a party in the University Stage of Caracas. Garcés affirmed when appearing that soon of the party of the 17 of January, it had spent days in the beach in the Central Coast. The relatives of corpulento throwing had gone to the Division of People Misled of the Police Body of Investigations to denounce the supposed disappearance of the player. Garcés, that sent with Boston from 1996 to the 2002, had mark of 23-8 and effectiveness of 3,78 with the Red Averages; one inquires that it is in talks with the Orioles to return to the Great Leagues.

Some of the unique phrasing that results is probably worthy of its own post. There is likely a joke (or more) here about "corpulento en la playa", but I will venture no further.


Blogger Celestial said...

I like the Dazzling Venezuelan newspaper--can I get a job with them? Also, it is really summer in the Southern hemisphere. Although I know it is true, I find it so hard to believe from up here in the snowy Northeast corner.

9:58 AM  

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