Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oil Can?!

From the Boston Globe, I learn that flamboyant former Sox pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd (possessing one of the coolest baseball nicknames ever) is attempting to make a comeback at age 45. Lest you think it can't be done, remember that the great Satchel Paige pitched into his 60s. Incidentally, according to the "Can" his father and uncle played with Paige in the Negro Leagues. Of course all of this is irrevelant as to whether the "Can" himself will be able to succeed. Good luck anyway. If only Dewey could come back...it's times like these I wish I was back in Boston and was able to have watched NESN's replay of the '75 and '86 WS.


Blogger Celestial said...

Forty five? That's nothing. Check out Robert Mondavi, who is starting a new winery aged 92. http://magnesiumskies.blogspot.com/

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