Tuesday, March 14, 2006

cross-country: Oct. 8, 2004

Salt Lake City, UT - Winnebucca, NV
57523 - 57912

Spend morning at Temple Square and take in a tour. Interesting and a bit cheesy. Smart move by those Mormons to have young, friendly women give the tours. They put on a little sell at end and seem genuinely disappointed when I don't take the complementary Book of Mormon. Gotta love the people there; I left my window wide open with all my stuff on the front seat while off on the tour. All there when I return. West of the city on 80 passes the Salt Lake. Get me out of here! It's like driving on another, boring planet covered in salt (one imagines). Enter hills of Nevada. Oh look, casinos! Rolling nothingness broken up by small towns consisting of gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and casinos, the last three often in the same building. Certainly true of my eventual stop in Winnebucca.


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